Curse Breaker

Curse Breakers have an extensive knowledge of how spells, enchantments and hexes work. Got hit by an unfortunate Tripping Jinx? Accidentally touched a cursed amulet and now you can only speak in verse? You’ll need a Curse Breaker. They understand the inner workings of magic, knowing how spells can be altered and deconstructed. Of course, to break a curse you often need to know how it has been created, so most Curse Breakers are also talented Curse Makers.

Curse Breakers are essential in many areas of the witchard society, maintaining wards and other magical defenses, examining and disassembling illegally cursed items, or doing research on how to improve existing enchantments. Some choose more adventurous professions, traveling to forgotten tombs to solve ancient mysteries. An experienced Curse Breaker is sure to have a ton of crazy stories to tell!

Curse Breakers study Runic Magic, Ritual Magic, Arithmancy, Magical Theory, Invocation and Conflux Studies.