Cryptozoology is the study of magical nature, ranging from creatures to herbs and beasts to spirits. The students of this path learn how to identify all kinds of living things, what kind of powers and capabilities they possess and how to deal with them. Cryptozoologists know how to converse with treefolk, which berries to pick for your potions, and how to get out of an encounter with fae unharmed.

Career options for a Cryptozoologist vary widely depending on their specialization. Some end up working at farms, parks and sanctuaries, caring for the local fauna or protecting endangered species. Of course, not all creatures are benign and harmless, so often a Cryptozoologist can end up in more of a troubleshooter position, tracking down escaped griffins and even capturing enraged dragons. A cryptozoologist well-versed in magical plants might open a shop selling potion ingredients, and those interested in non-corporeal and extraplanar creatures could find employment as mediums and exorcists.

Cryptozoologists study Beastology, Invocation, Herbology, Alchemy, Mind Magic and Ritual Magic.