Artificers learn analyzing, building, and repairing magical objects and fantastical contraptions. The field of Artificery ranges all the way from classic enchantments to wand making and golem crafting, and Artificers are always striving to create even better tools and trinkets to aid the everyday life of the witchard society. They deal in the realm of brass and crystal, clay and clockwork, transformation and creation.

Most magical objects that witchards use come from professional Artificers, and there’s always plenty of work in both designing and creating new magic items. Some Artificers concentrate on research, some set up their own artifact business or a repair shop. There are many different methods and principles to Artificery, and different schools of thought are very persistent that their way is the right way. While combining magic with mundane technology has gained some popularity in recent years, there are still many traditional Artificer families who are proud of their old ways and scoff at such modern nonsense.

Artificers study Technomancy, Arithmancy, Magical Theory, Conflux Studies, Runic Magic and Magical Defence.