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On the Subject of Prefects

Algernon Griffiths
Prefect of House Libussa

Each of the five Houses is led by two Prefects, two Senior students chosen for the task for their exceptional qualities. They’re the creative visionaries, passionate figureheads and caring older siblings, who look after their housemates and make sure that traditions are upheld, events organized and House spirit kept high. When the students need help and guidance, they often go to their Prefects – and as the students of Czocha are constantly getting in trouble, the life of a Prefect is surely never dull.

Prefects also affect the future of their Houses in a very concrete way: it is their job to sort the Juniors when they arrive at Czocha. So, for the first couple of days everyone will be scrambling to get to know the Juniors and bring their Prefects recommendations about the best and brightest. Prefects are also in charge of the initiation rituals to welcome the Juniors into their new Houses, and making sure that they get along with their newly assigned Sophomore mentors and get a great start to their life at school.

Juniors crossing the Upper Bridge between classes.

Prefects work in close cooperation with the school Staff and help to ensure that the rules are being followed. During curfew, it’s the Prefects that patrol the halls and make sure no one’s out of bed without permission. While Prefects can’t give or take points themselves, getting on the bad side of one will surely very quickly get you in trouble with the professors as well. In the student hierarchy, they are at the top and must be respected.

The goal of every Prefect is to win the Czocha Trophy, and they’re often the ones most invested in the game of House Points. They are constantly trying to find ways to earn more points and keep their troublemakers in line – with varying success. At the end of the Grand Opening Ball it’s the Prefects who stand on the balcony to deliver the traditional losing and winning speeches, and for all their hard work, the greatest prize for a Prefect is to lead their House to victory and hold the Czocha Trophy in front of the entire school.