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CJ Gahagan, Mathias Halgrener Granum, Andra Kurlis, Marie Louise Olesen and Sharon Underberg-Davis.

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Sélima Haddad, Melina Karu, Eevi Korhonen, Neal-Bubbles MacConmhara, Jorg Rødsjø, Jukka Seppänen and Laura Sirola.

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Will Osmond, Vicky Eyles, Vasily Zakharov, Valeriia Sapronova, Toivo Voll, Stephanie Habicht, Sina Koppel, Sharon Underberg-Davis, Sélima Haddad, Satu Sharp, Philipp Jacobius, Per Sikker Hansen, Niels Harremoës, Neal-Bubbles MacConmhara, Mikael Alexander Sivaro, Michell Corydon, Michael, Melina Karu, Meghan Kotlanger, Martine Svanevik, Martin Buhl, mareev, Lisa Wolfrum, Lauren Chapnick, Laura Sirola, Kyuu Eturautti, Kaisa Vitikainen, Jukka Seppänen, Jukka Särkijärvi, Josephine Gundorph, Josephin Winkler, Jorg Rødsjø, John Shockley, Jimmy Kedert, Jenni Kivikangas, Janna Åmodt, Janina Kahela, Jakub Mercz, Ilan Inglis, Henry Nielsen, Henry Lias Büchmann Nielsen, Heidi Meyer, Hannes Mallezie, Halfdan Justesen, Haakon Olsen, Gyldensol, Guro Alexandra R Jahr, Francesco Pregliasco, Florian Häberli, Eva Floreva, Etienne T.Harvey, Eevi Korhonen, Cille Jensen, Christopher Sandberg, Christopher Hannam, Chris Hartford, Chiara Tirabasso, Charles Bo Nielsen, Celine Noack, Björn-Ole Kamm, Ben Morrow, asjay001, Anthony Jay, Anne Marte Ellertsen, Alice De Ste Croix, Alexander Gierholz.

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Liselle Awwal, Karolina Fairfax, Christopher Sandberg, Laura Sirola, Robin Steen and Thomas Mertz.

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Lisa Julia Wolfrum and Wolfrum Graphics.

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Arek Alvein, Karol Blazy, Dawid Chalimoniuk, Iulian Dinu, Nadina Dobrowolska, Cryssie Jade, Maciek Jarzębiński, Przemysław Jędroska, Adam Jędrysik, Dagmara Kunecka, Bret Lehne, Petr Luba, Zuzanna Marzec, Magdalena Synoradzka, Toivo Voll, Kamil Wędzicha,  Horseradish Studio, Maciek Nitka, Iulian Dinu, Christina Molbech, Petr Luba, Kamil Wędzicha, Kaja Skorzyńska, Aleksander Krzystyniak, John-Paul Bichard, Liselle Awwal, Abi Laurel, Zuzanna Marzec, Jeremy Caldwell and Defy Gravity.

And a special thanks to Czocha castle and USC Games. Additional invaluable help and advice from Nadina Dobrowolska and colleagues at Horseradish Studio. And a special thanks to Lisa Wolfrum and Wolfrum Graphics, who has helped to create much of the visual magic around the College of Wizardry universe and supports us with beautiful visuals. And to Brent Rombouts and Nicole Sochor for incredible video graphics, digital art and the web work of Katrine Kavli. And Lars Bundvad for fantastic art. Thanks Freja Gyldenstøm for her writing. And wands up for the loyalty of Lead Producer Robin Steen, and to Iryt and the entire team. A very special thank you to Liselle Awwal of LiselleMade for being the spokesperson and heart of our crowdfunding initiative! Thanks to Martin and Rob, and Simon, Martine, Sagalinn and Halfdan from Avalon Larp Studio, Michael and Ashley from Imagine Nation Collective. And to Toshi (Dollfille) for joining the magic. We like to mention Philipp Jacobius and Claus Raasted for helping the transition. A special thank you to Martin Nielsen (Alibier) for his generosity. Thanks also for the invaluable advice and guidance by Johanna Koljonen (Participation Design Agency), Petter Karlsson (Prolog, LarpFund), and to many more for lending their ear and support. Also a special thanks to Agata Świstak, Aleksandra Hedere Ososińska, Freja Gyldenstrøm, Charles Bo Nielsen, Dominik Dracan Dembinski (Liveform), and Karsten Dombrowski, for their help in understanding some of the early history.

This list is incomplete and the work is ongoing to collect names and credit all creatives from history making this magical reality, including College of Wizardry Classic at Czocha and Bothwell, Nibelungen and Avalon and more. Any tips on credits are dearly appreciated to [email protected].