COVID policy

This document and its contents are subject to change as official guidelines change. Please refer back to it as the date of your event approaches. 

We are following the situation concerning Covid-19 and abiding by local guidelines. We highly recommend anyone who can to get vaccinated. It is absolutely the best way to ensure the safety of yourself, your loved ones and others around you. Please also take care of good hygiene both while traveling and on site, in order to keep yourself and other participants safe.

Do we require proof of vaccination/tests? 

As Poland currently doesn’t have any COVID restrictions, we are also not requiring a proof of vaccination or tests. It is still recommended to get vaccinated and take a self test before traveling.

Is there a possibility to take a test on site? 

No. We do not have the budget or the staff to provide on-site testing. Additionally, our staff are not qualified to administer tests. You are welcome to bring your own self-test kit to be absolutely sure. 

What happens if you show symptoms during the event?

If you start to show symptoms during the event, you should immediately isolate and keep your distance from other players. Go to your room and stay there. Have a friend contact a member of our team. From there we’ll work with you to figure out a plan of action. We will have a small stock of tests for this particular scenario, but unlikely enough to test everyone. If you’re a belt and suspenders kind of person, we advise you to bring your own quick test from home. 

Any person showing symptoms will be barred from participating in the event until they have taken a test that has returned a negative result. 

What if I exhibit symptoms before the event begins? 

Stay home. If we find someone who somehow managed to join the event and either lied about their status, faked their test results, or intentionally did not report illness to our team, they will be banned from any future Witchards events.

Will I get a refund if I cannot attend because I tested positive? 

No. You should contact your travel insurance and make sure they cover your expenses in that situation. We highly recommend you check with them as soon as possible to figure out what they do and do not cover.