Clubs & Societies

Most lessons have a Club associated with them, where Professors and an entourage of subject enthusiasts lead midnight seances, twilight crocus-picking for the potion stores, or duelling practise which normally doesn’t adhere to the international duelling code. Even if you don’t take part in a formal after-school club or secret society, you’ll find that talking to a lonely ghost or the grumpy tavern-master may reveal a hint or task to perform to fill your evenings with wonder. That’s if the natural drama of boarding school hasn’t already kept you busy! Successful missions or performances in a club may result in house points, though being found out of bounds after curfew on an adventure will surely lose them! Either way, after-lesson frivolity with faculty, friends, or a frightening, furry beast will provide an unforgettable experience in your first days of term at Bothwell.