All students get the opportunity to take part in all of the lessons offered by the faculty, much like in a UK secondary school. Whether you’re a first, second, or third year, you’ll experience each class once during the event, as well as getting the opportunity to play the popular magical sport Fireball Dragon, and have down time to catch up with homework, take part in an after-class club, or get up to mischief with your friends! For more insight into each of the lessons offered, click on the links below.


Hooodini the Owl

Ornithology is the study of wild birds. In this class you’ll get up close and personal with some beautiful wild birds in a safe and educational way, learning about their hunting habits, their nocturnal doings, and their uses in witcharding society.

Professor of Ornithology is the only non-playable position, led by professional experts employed by the castle who deliver the ‘lesson’ – this class is still very much in-character and the staff who deliver it keep in the theme of all things magical!

Occultism & Invocation

Communing with the great beyond

A controversial subject that plunges into the depths of other planes to explore all things otherworldly.

Whether it’s summoning infernal creatures to study and re-banish, invoking celestial powers to enhance healing magic, or harnessing the knowledge of spirits no longer walking this earth, you’re sure to learn that not all things in this world can be explained.


Discover many wondrous creatures and learn how to interact with them.

In Beastology, students learn how to identify, care for, and defend themselves from magical creatures and humanoids. This can be anything from hands-on-training in how to calm enraged minotaurs to learning how to seduce merfolk back into the water.


In Herbology, students learn how to identify and use magical flora and fauna for arcane purposes. From healing magic all the way to defensive magic, natural magical plantlife is often necessary ritual components and alchemical ingredients.


Known by many as the art of ‘Wonder Working’, Thaumaturgy encompasses the many sciences of spellcraft to create magic where there was once none, and use material components to augment a witches’ natural magic.

By using runes, rituals, or even mundane objects, a master Thaumaturge can command the weather, teleport at will, and make fire dance at their fingertips with nought but a pocket watch and glint in their eye.

History, Politics & Ethics

This lesson is filled with vital knowledge on the geography, politics, economics, sociology and ethics behind the magical world.

Whilst usually the more classroom-based of the lessons, H.P.E can cover anything from international conflux relations, debating on the ethical treatment of Gnomes and their trade unions, to practising for your Full UK Broomstick License.

Protection Against the Bound Arts

Sometimes the best defence is a great offence

Affectionately abbreviated to PABA, in this lesson students learn how to defend themselves and others against magical attacks, threats, and sometimes even from those they trust.

Through learning about the many different types of perilous situations a witch might find themselves in, practising formal duelling, or building protective sanctuaries, the idea is to train in a safe environment, but often the word “safe” is put in quotation marks for these classes.


Alchemy is about more than turning lead into gold

In Alchemy, students learn how to mix potions, brew elixirs, and learn about the magical properties of ingredients.

These can range from disease-removing salves and concentration-boosting breakfast smoothies to poisonous concoctions and tasty but deadly tonics.

Practical Magic

Practical Magic teaches students the magic fundamentals. It can encompass basic domestic charms, transfiguration spells needed to help gain an entry-level position within the Guardianship and the basics of harnessing nature’s magic when you’re stuck without your wand.

Doing just what it says on the tin, Practical Magic helps training witches practise the basics and become fully rounded member of magical society.

Prophetic Magic

Delving into the spiritual art of foresight, Prophetic Magic prepares students for their future by teaching them the many ways one can harness their internal Seer to predict magical outcomes.
Whilst it is a subject that divides witcharding society about its validity as a reliable magical art, one thing is for certain: what happens in these lessons you’ll never see coming!