House Tabwen


Olwenna Tabwen was clearly a powerful witch from a young age. While still a child her parents abandoned her deep in the woods for fear that she’d be lynched by the townsfolk, who were already suspicious of the strange happenings around Olwenna. She lived most of her life as a young woman out on a lake where she would use her beauty and charm to lure passing travellers. She would then trick them into willingly giving her all their possessions so she could survive. There are many legends still today about “The Girl on Llyn y Fan Fach”. She was given a home at Bothwell Sanctuary and when the Civil War broke out she immediately put herself forward to join the war effort. Cunning and fierce, Olwenna protected the king’s court from those who wished to infiltrate the Crown. Her familiar was a black cat and she was a personal bodyguard to the queen, often giving council to the King and Queen alone.

Tabwens are known for their astuteness, charm, cunning and independence. While independent souls, Tabwens can be quite relaxed about life (and the rules) and their innate ability to tell what someone’s thinking can make them a fine companion. The colours of House Tabwen, purple and gold, characterise Olwenna’s high regard with the crown using the colours associated with royalty. The motto “Callidus” means cunning.