House MacNewthorn


The charms that disguise the castle are meant to keep out all trespassers, magical or not. The only way to enter the castle grounds is to use a closely guarded secret code. Montague MacNewthorn, however, turned up alone at the gates of the castle, entered freely and made his way directly into Frances Stuart’s study. To this day, it is not known how he found the location and penetrated the powerful magic. Along with the other founders he aided the crown in their effort against the rebels. Montague was chief spy for the crown, however, he was often spotted courting the enemy in suspicious circumstances. He frequently spent long periods alone with the King and had great influence over the King’s actions. Montague used the form of the newt to spy on the rebels where he could dash between floorboards and cracks in the wall.

MacNewthorns are known for their introversion, ambition, creativity and hardworking nature. Less boisterous than their friends in Boyeswick, MacNewthorns prefer to operate behind the scenes. Their ambition and hard work often see them in positions of power, even if they’re not the face of the operation. To represent the high ambition and silver tongue of Montague, the house colours are crimson and silver. The motto of House MacNewthorn is “Furtivus” which means clandestine.