House MacNewthorn
House Tabwen
House Wisenforth
House Boyeswick

The houses at the Bothwell School of Witchcraft are named for some of the protectors of the school early in its conception. Trained by Frances Stuart, they defended the castle while it was still a sanctuary for young witches and wizards and helped to fight injustices against their kind. To conceal themselves amongst the non-magic folk, these brave witches transfigured themselves into the form of animals; known to the ordinary people as ‘familiars’.

The Civil War in Britain was pivotal in the relations between Witchards and the non-magic community. Charles I, son of James I, was much fairer on witches than his father. Witch burnings declined during his reign and were seen by many of the common people as witch sympathiser. When the banners were raised in rebellion to the crown, many of the witch hunter squads who had thrived under James I joined the “roundhead” rebels. To defend their world, the witch community found themselves on the side of the crown (the “cavaliers”), who was desperate for their assistance. The houses of Bothwell School of Witchcraft are named for the 4 bravest witches, pivotal in the defence of the crown and the survival of their kind!