– Confirmed dates and other releases –

Dear witchards,

Thank you again for your incredible patience and understanding this past year, which has been so unbelievably hard on all of us. We are truly grateful for the rallying of our community – not just for our fictional society of witchards, but more so for everyone personally. The friendship in this extended family has been an anchor for many of us, far beyond the play and stories we create together. People truly are magic!

Throughout this time, while there’s been a hiatus on our destination experiences, we’ve remained determined to find ways to refinance and run the postponed events once the world opens up again. It’s taken a very long time to sort all the details, including castle availability, but we are happy to inform you that we are now all set. So, let’s finally announce the dates and details for reopening our magic schools!

With love,

All in the Witchards team

– WereWar Events –

First out are the postponed WereWar events of course, which now have confirmed dates for 2022. This persistent storyline is Directed by Liselle Awwal, and the events are produced by Robin Steen (Lead Producer), Karolina Fairfax (Czocha) and Cameron Readman (Bothwell), with Laura Sirola, Holly Hatton Baldwin, Iryt Kraus, Maja Małecka, Thomas Mertz, Christopher Sandberg and Marta Szyndler.

WereWar Chapter One at Czocha College of Wizardry (Poland) takes place 24 March-27 March, 2022. Headmaster Crumplebottom (Jamie MacDonald) is at the helm. This first chapter in our darker storyline sees the school transformed into an impromptu war hospital and students drafted into the war effort under the aegis of the Orders, as the Threat of the Were draws ever closer.

The event is followed closely by WereWar Chapter Two at Bothwell School of Witchcraft (UK) on 28 April-1 May 2022. Headmaster Romilly Montpellier (Holly Hatton Baldwin) is leading the school. With the war in full fury, the castle turns into a command centre for the Orders, whilst the resistance brews underground.

– Current Ticket Holders –

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All current ticket holders have automatically received bookings to these new dates for their respective events – you can find your personal details here.

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We’ve sent you additional information regarding your existing bookings for WereWar Chapter One and Two.

And as always, if you have any questions please reach out to us via [email protected]

– New Classic Events –

As of now, we would also like to announce the next Czocha College of Wizardry Classic (Poland) event on 20 October-23 October, 2022.

We hope to be able to announce dates for Bothwell School of Witchcraft Classic (UK) soon, but the venue is still working out its schedule due to rolled over events from ’20 and ’21.
We will announce as soon as we’re able to.

– Other Releases –

Whispers – Whispers will be released ahead of the WereWar and Classic events, with persistent online play tailored to all storylines. Whispers will be open ahead of WereWar Chapter One.

The Witchards Tribune – The newsroom is on hiatus, but will also gear up in time for Back to School 2022.

Back to School Kit – Our gear kit is tailored into a Back to School Kit with books, artefacts, scenarios and more, including personal safety items, for safer larping at home and on events. The creation of updated storybooks is led by Editor in Chief Laura Sirola. The kit will be available when we relaunch our online magic merch store ahead of the events.

The First House – With the ongoing pandemic, we are not producing The First House drop-in LARP this year, but will revisit this in the future.

IndieGoGo – We are doing our utmost to close the outstanding perks to all of you fantastic backers. If you are waiting on any item, please email [email protected] and we will get back to you (allow for about two weeks response time as we are volunteering during this hiatus).

Hexblood – Our freeform tabletop alpha testing will be on hold for now. We will revisit dates for the next development phase in mid 2022.

– Pandemic or Other Obstacle –

Should the pandemic or other unavoidable circumstances make any of the above releases impossible during 2022, we will at that time return with a new plan. In that case, further postponements are unlikely.

Photo by Przemyslaw Jendroska, Horseradish