Announcing dates for Spring 2023 events!

We’re extremely excited to announce the next two Witchards events; WereWar Chapter Three and the 25th Classic College of Wizardry. Both will take place at Czocha Castle in Poland.

These two events will run back to back in March of 2023, specifically WereWar Chapter Three on March 9th to 12th, and the 25th Classic College of Wizardry on March 16th to March 19th. 

Tickets will go on sale September 1st, 2022. 

WereWar Chapter Three (March 9-12, 2023) returns to Czocha.

Czocha stands. Whilst the castle has been cut off from the rest of the world for a year, the haven ritual has held and the walls still hold strong. Outside, however, the Necrotic Blight surrounds the castle. There has been no way out to the forest or the lake for twelve months. For those trapped inside Czocha it has been a hard year. Supplies have been intermittent – relying on deals with the Fae and the goodwill of Northvale – food has been in short supply and the survivors are tired, traumatised, and tattered. 

The larp begins with the arrival of the relief. A portal has been opened and a group of Witchards comes through. These brave folk, mainly students, but a few more experienced Witchards, too old or injured to be on the front lines, arrive at Czocha not knowing what they will find or if there will be any way back out.  

Magic is fading. Across the Witchard World, spells that have been relied on for centuries are failing, magical items are losing their power, and ancient protective wards are suddenly burning out. Czocha has been affected by this as well, but to a seemingly lesser extent. This has led to an increase in the importance of Ritual magic and for Orders to turn to the darker side of their histories and explore ancient and sometimes forbidden magic.

The WereWar Story Team and the rest of Witchards are incredibly excited to continue the WereWar storyline. Participants from the first two Chapters will get first crack at the tickets, ensuring those who wish to continue their story from previous chapters are able to do so. 

The 25th Classic College of Wizardry (March 16-19, 2023) (re)introduces a new game format; Graduation. The seniors are facing their Graduation Trials, and need the help of their schoolmates if they are to succeed and receive their diplomas. 

The Houses are filled with energy as they prepare for the old Prefects to step down and the new generation to step up, and rites of passage are taking place all over the school. Soon the Juniors will become Sophomores and will no longer be the newest faces on the block. 

We’re happy and thrilled to announce Harry Harrold to play Headmaster Percival Brunet. 

Graduation is a time for endings and new beginnings. Those of you in your Senior year will – we trust – be leaving us this weekend. You will – I hope – have fond memories of your time at Czocha. Perhaps not of your Graduation Trials this weekend, but of the rest of your time. You might be thinking of your next step, your future career, or your relationships here. Some of you will have found fast friendships, friendships that will last a lifetime. Others will leave college flings behind. Sophomores may choose to compete for the role of Prefect of their House, and any not standing, as well as all Juniors will be those who do the selection.

I have one last announcement to make. As some of you will know, I also have an ending. I am retiring, and my successor will be found here this weekend.  It has been the greatest privilege of my life to be head of this venerable institution, and I wish all of those who seek the Headship the very best of luck.

Headmaster Percival Brunet

We’ve been working on the Graduation format for over two years in our secret Witchards R&D labs, and we’re very excited to talk more about it. This format does not have a Junior sorting, but focuses on the Senior graduation with a Graduation Ceremony (yes, there will be diplomas, and yes you get to keep them), a Leavers’ Ball and the Prefects passing the torch to the next generation. 

Expect more on this from the Classic team soon. 

As mentioned before, tickets go on sale September 1st, 2022.

Tickets are 675 euro. However, if you buy your ticket before November 1st, 2022 you can get it at an early bird price at 625 euro.

We are incredibly excited and look forward to seeing you all at Czocha in March 2023. 

The entire Witchards gang

Posted on July 28, 2022 by Thomas Mertz