WereWar Chapter One casting

Join the Werewar Chapter One Facebook group

First of all a short reminder to join the Facebook group for Werewar Chapter One.
It is the easiest way to stay up to date on all things related to our upcoming event. 
You can find the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WereWarOne

Casting begins 

It was my intention to improve the casting experience by building the Crucible character creation tool for Witchards events. Unfortunately that has proven to be an incredibly complicated process that has taken far longer than anticipated. This unfortunately caused the entire team to not be able to begin casting as soon as they’d like, and that resides entirely on my shoulders. I apologize.

As a result, we’re now beginning casting using the old method. For those of you who were cast in 2019 your characters remain unchanged and you should receive an email within the next couple of days confirming this.
Once those messages have been sent, we’ll be sharing the casting form for those of you who have bought your tickets and joined the event during the last year and a half. 

Once everyone has filled out the casting form expect 2-3 weeks to pass while we process your priorities.
We’re gonna do our best to make sure everyone gets their first choice, but it might not be possible. 

Selling or gifting tickets

If you have bought a ticket that you have sold on or gifted to a friend, we ask you to update the ticket to reflect the new participants name and email. You can do this by logging into Witchards.com account (https://witchards.com/account/), going to My Account, then My Tickets. There you will see a list of your tickets. Click “View” and you can update the ticket. 

The ticket itself remains in your account, and it has to stay that way because of accounting requirements. 

Thomas (COO) and the rest of the Witchards team

Posted on November 15, 2021 by Thomas Mertz