Hiatus to 2021 – Important read

We are taking a break to find our way. During this time we’ll explore other means for the community to meet. Below is a more detailed account.


Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] with any questions about all of College of Wizardry (please allow for one or more weeks delay on replies due to the ongoing global crisis).


All events until further notice at Czocha and Bothwell, are closed in agreement with the castles and in adherence with the policies of the local and international community. The closing due to COVID-19 measures happened just ahead of the events, with rents, bills and salaries contracted and paid out. Negotiations are ongoing with the castles and partners, to find ways to reschedule the events to next year if possible.


Care is taken now to provide for the crew in this situation. The last few weeks our team and volunteers have remained in self-isolation and quarantine, some displaced abroad. As of today, several have yet to receive official word on when they may get to travel home. We have dealt with threat of forced relocation and complications with getting medicine and supplies. We are focused on keeping people safe and sound.


While the events could not go forward, College of Wizardry have paid all staff in full, including local camera crew and partners. In addition accommodation, food and supplies and travel is being supported by CoW and P to some crew and volunteers during quarantine. And while there are no event projects to work on, the core team is being commissioned for the coming two months, to help bridge the foreseeable loss-of-work period. As an additional measure, P extends the period from last year’s restructuring, to include 2020 too, continuing to work for free throughout the year. What we need now, more than anything, is a little breather. We have all worked very long hours for many months to sort out a complicated situation. And the community has been through so much together. We really felt we were back on track to this unique and caring family of witchards. Together with the entire world, we need to keep at it a while longer. We will use the remainder of the year to focus on getting things further in order, at a healthy work pace.


Our destination events are to reopen in 2021, once there is clarity on policies on international travel and large groupings. While we’d love to hold events in October this year, there is unfortunately no telling when we may have a stable and clear picture for these gatherings, forcing us to wait on releasing any tickets until very late. As we move in to Autumn and Winter again, there is a likelihood of a rise in COVID-19 cases with the new flu season. Because we do not want crew and players to stress on preparations, or risk closed events due to travel bans and event restrictions, we will not attempt to produce our regular events this year. We will look into what other types of gatherings may be possible.


College of Wizardry will use this hiatus to regroup, plan and prepare for when we can all meet again. We will evaluate how we’ve managed to streamline production and design so far, what has made the experience better for the players, and what we should continue to develop. And we will look for ways to support our community of players, crafters and small businesses. Finally, but perhaps to all of us most dear to our hearts right now, we are exploring how we can meet and do magic together online in the meantime!

More about the College of Wizardry Hiatus activities in the weeks to come.

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Posted on April 2, 2020 by Christopher Sandberg