Bothwell and College of Wizardry join forces!

We’re incredibly excited to formally announce that Bothwell and College of Wizardry have joined forces. There have been persistent rumours of courtship between the two castles, and today it’s official!

“Now more than ever, coming together as one magical community feels really important,” says Christopher Sandberg, and continues “Cam, Stuart, and all the Bothwellians have created something special that we’re honored to continue together with them.”

Bothwell goes on as is, and will be run by the same people, only now reinforced with the new team from CoW Classic –and vice versa.

“It’s always been a shared universe, and the work on WereWar inspires more of that”, says WereWar Director Liselle Awwal.

Cameron Redman notes that “We were introduced to the new team that took the helm at College of Wizardry and were very impressed with their ideas and vision. We wanted Bothwell to be a part of that vision and more than that, combined we have so much resources and creativity bursting at the seams.”

Lead Producer Robin Steen adds, “A joined organisation makes sharing of ideas much more powerful. Also, with what is going on in the world, we are looking down entirely new paths and innovations together.”
With the merger, we are one step closer to solving how to reschedule events when the COVID-19 situation allows. While we are on hiatus, the crew is not. We are designing, preparing new scenography, exploring new avenues, and we’re finally in earnest moving on something else – persistent online play for all of Witchards Society! While we can’t go into detail just yet, we will say that with a dedicated team with considerable experience in digital roleplaying, plus fans ready to assist and playtest, this is going to be so much fun.

More updates to come, on this and other initiatives. The real world may be constraining these days, but the magic persists.

College of Wizardry with Bothwell School of Witchcraft

Posted on April 18, 2020 by Christopher Sandberg