Updated Player Handbook

We are proud to present the latest edition of the updated Player Handbook!

The Handbook encompasses all the practical information about the College of Wizardry experience, including the castle accommodation, character creation, playing style, rules of the larp and much more. It also has updated descriptions of Years, Houses, Paths and Clubs.


Don’t be overwhelmed by the length of the document, you don’t have to memorize it at all! We go through the most important parts in the briefings and workshops before the event starts. So, use it as inspiration and to get acquainted with the materials beforehand.

Even if you have played CoW before, we highly recommend to read at least the following sections, as there are some significant changes and clarifications:

  • Supporting Characters
  • Character Creation
  • Playing Style
  • House descriptions
  • Club descriptions


This is a living document, meaning that if you feel like something’s missing or would like clarification on something, we are happy to take feedback and make further revisions in the future. We will also be adding photos and illustrations later on.

On top of that, this will not be the only book. We are also working on a special WereWar addendum that will include the Order descriptions and other WereWar specific information, and a lorebook that will be a complete collection of the canon lore of the College of Wizardry world.

So, stay tuned!

Posted on January 20, 2020 by Laura