Welcome to the new school year! – All Events Confirmed

[EDIT: Due to the ongoing global COVID-19 crisis all destinations are currently not available for events.]

Dear players,

College of Wizardry hereby confirms all three events kicking off 2020.

The events are steadily filling up with bookings, and we want to officially open the new year now, ahead of the holidays. Check out more details below. Unless you’re doing extra magic studies or frosty mystical excursions, curl up by the fireplace and enjoy some rest and warm potions. We’ll see you all at the castle in a few months!


There are plenty of spots left on all events, so now is also a good time to inspire your dream witchards to join (check out the special quill gift from LiselleMade).


Our team is working hard on providing you with more material on both the Classic and WereWar events. We will be sharing small improvements to the player experience, as well as casting and other information in the weeks and months to come. Also, join our event groups on Facebook.




Confirmed events are the 23rd Classic (March 5-8, Headmistress Mia Devald Kyhn) and WereWar Chapter One (March 12-15, Headmaster Jamie MacDonald). Please note that in addition WereWar Chapter Two is going forward as planned too (April 16-19 at Bothwell by Rogue Events).

Posted on December 12, 2019 by Robin Steen